Doodle of a computer desk with a mouse and other electronics. States "Creating Moved to the Movement: Examining Youth Involvement in the Civil Rights Movement"

HIST471: Creating “Moved to the Movement”

About This Presentation

  • Why I chose this subject:
    • After being awarded the James Farmer Scholarship, I wanted to create a meaningful project on the Civil Rights Movement.
    • As a pre-service teacher, I’m always trying to think of ways I can use my research in the classroom.
  • What were my research questions:
    • Were children participating in the Civil Rights Movement?
    • Where were they participating?
    • What were they doing?
  • What are my end-of-term goals:
    • Present some of the events in some of the states
    • Present some information on the Black Lives Matter movement
    • Include scholarly research about youth involvement in the Civil Rights Movement on the “about” page of the project
    • Include scholarly research on the Civil Rights Movement and specific events, as available, on the state’s pages
  • What will the site look like at the end of the term:
    • Mini-slideshows of events, which are in chronological order
    • Videos
    • Audio
    • Information about accessibility options to those videos and audio clips
    • A paragraph or two per event on youth involvement
  • What are the long-term goals:
    • All the states
    • Current events
    • Past events
  • Will there be any more information:
    • Adding links to books for teachers and students
    • Adding dois to scholarly articles
  • What specific events will be added for student comparisons?
    • DAPL
    • BLM
    • Hong Kong’s Occupy movement
    • Venezuela’s economic and political unrest
    • Action against homosexual detention camps in Chechnya

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