Orange background with gray text reads Dreikurs’ Theory of Democratic Teaching and Management by natalie griffitts and nicole spreeman

EDUC385: Dreikurs’ Theory of Democratic Teaching and Management

Fast Facts

  • In order for there to be a healthy society, teachers must nurture and develop social interests
  • Beliefs teachers should subscribe to for this theory: equality of all people, freedom of decision-making, belief in worth and dignity of every person, people can be trusted to make wise decisions
  • Students are social beings who want to belong and accepted in society
  • Forego rewards and punishments
  • Provide logical consequences for misbehaviors
  • Mistaken goals
    • Attention getting
    • Power seeking
    • Revenge
    • Feelings of inadequacy
  • Logical consequences- prior to providing logical consequences, teachers have to establish simple, specific classroom rules
  • Encouragement rather than praise- students begin to become dependent on extrinsic rewards and praise
  • Encouragement keeps students on task and minimizes student disruption
  • Students should help develop classroom rules
  • Democratic rather than autocratic
  • Students from different cultures respond differently to the identification of their mistaken goals
  • Four key concepts:
    • Mistaken goals
    • Democratic teaching
    • Encouragement
    • Logical consequences

Lesson Plan Outline

Warm Up: 5-7 minutes

  • The Self-Worth Exercise
    • 2 minutes:
      • SW choose 2-3 words that explain what determines their self-worth
      • TW write them on the board
    • 3 Minutes:
      • Class will add and subtract items based on their relevance to ES, MS, and HS

Theory Review:

  • Identifying and Addressing Mistaken Goals:
    • Attention getting
    • Power seeking
    • Revenge
    • Feelings of inadequacy
  • Logical Consequences
  • Encouragement instead of Praise


Theory Application:

Theory Discussion: 7-10 minutes

  • Pros and Cons discussion
    • Step one 5 minutes
      • SW be in 2 groups (a pro and a con) and brain dump
    • Step two 5 minutes
      • Discuss as a class

Debrief: 3 minutes

  • SW line up in the order of “least likely to use the model” to “most likely to use the model” on a scale of 1 through 10 (details on the slide)

This project was created by Nicole Spreeman and myself, Natalie Griffitts.

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