An image of Monroe, the History building at UMW with the school colors depicting hashtag UMW 17 with 1 day below it

Class of 2017, Graduating in One Day

To the person who made this possible, my number one: Wesley…Jake? Who are you. A thank you to my husband and best friend.

1 Day to Grad: The Most Talked About Man in the Commuter Lounge

Jake Griffitts

Everyone that has willingly and unwillingly had to listen to me talk on campus has had to listen to me talk about Jake. We met when I was in high school and have been together since 2005. We grew together and you have always supported me, through homelessness, many a job, and poor health you held my hand. Through college, however, you have done everything and then some. You gave me the opportunity to go and under the “we’ll figure it out” umbrella we have had more struggles and loneliness than happy times. I love you all the more for it. When you’ve come home and I’m a mess, through the rotating never home-ness you have worked just as hard as I have to keep food on the table, the lights on, a roof over our head, and me happy and healthy. While I may gripe about you never coming to uni things, I know that you are so proud of me and I hope you know that when I walk across that stage you’re the only face I could care about seeing at the end of the walk. My life would be meaningless without the people that have helped me reach this point in it, but no one knows or supports me like you have. You have put up with so much and I can’t wait for the next chapter and our being just one year away from our real future. I’m sure you’re just going to love all the grading and lesson planning. I don’t know where we’ll end up in two years or five, especially if I end up in a city school, but I know that it will be worth it if you’re there. Thank you so much for your unending support. I’m so lucky to have found the love of my life twelve years ago and to have a someone that knows exactly what I need to make it. I look forward to being home a bit more and actually seeing your face, movie marathoning, and telling you thank you in more than just text messages or phone calls. The best friend life is coming!

To everyone who has endured the stories but never met the man, the myth, the legend. I assure you he’s real and just as amazing (totally more) as I made him out to be. Did you know that married teachers are less likely to burn out? Get yourself a Squish, it’s science!

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