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Class of 2017, Graduating in Ten Days

Two years ago today I was accepted to UMW on a partial scholarship. By the end of my first year, I would be awarded two more scholarships. In ten days, I will walk across the stage to graduate, the first in my family to receive their Bachelor’s degree. In an attempt to reflect on the occasion, my experiences, and the people who got me there I have decided to attempt a “10 days, 10 topics” type of countdown. This is a reflection, blogging about academia rather than my usual actual academic work.

10 Days to Grad: What I’ve Researched

I intentionally took a broad range of history classes as my licensure in Secondary Social Studies and History means that I could be hired to teach a broad range of courses. The following ten research topics are just a few of the many that I learned the most. Since most of these are linked and posted on the sub-blogs, I won’t go into detail like I plan to on some of these other posts. Nevertheless, here it is the top ten things I lost sleep on, kill half a forest for, missed being social for, and all for in hopes of these pockets of knowledge making me a better teacher.

  1. South Asian immigration to the United States
  2. Bolivian immigration to Northern Virginia
  3. Caliph ‘Umar and the application of the Just War Theory to the battles of Yarmuk, al-Qādisiyyah, and Nihāvand
  4. The appeal of religious life to wealthy women in the 12th and 13th centuries CE
  5. Causes of Jewish-Roman conflict in the 1st and 2nd centuries CE
  6. Feminism throughout the history of China
  7. Plebian society in Hanoverian Britain
  8. Youth involvement in the Civil Rights Movement
  9. LGBT rights in U.S. Public Schools
  10. Vichy France culpability for the extermination of Jews in France and the history of French anti-Semitism


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