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Class of 2017, Graduating in Two Days

What have I been doing at UMW when I’m not in class? Oh, you know, just two things that I’m extremely proud of! As I’m just two days from my undergraduate graduation, I thought I would let you in on the UMW non-coursework reasons I “ghosted” you, or whatever the kids say these days.

2 Days to Grad: The Two Timemunchers

The Panorama

What even is this? Well, The Panorama is the online presence for the Journal of the Early Republic, a scholarly journal covering early American history. Since last August, I have been working for Dr. Mackintosh, a professor at UMW and the founding editor of The Panorama, to bring his vision to life. My first term we worked on setting up the website and this term the site launched and we worked on roundtables and graphics for social media and a conference this summer. It has been a learning experience and I look forward to another year with Dr. Mackintosh at The Panorama. As I’ve previously said, the greatest part of this experience has been that after reading these articles I have learned to love American history, something I personally struggled with after growing up in Fredericksburg and being saturated in the Civil War. If you want to see what we’ve been working on and what all these meetings I’ve been slipping back onto campus for was all about then check out the site HERE.

UMW’s Commuter Student Association (CSA)

47% and we still can’t get decent parking! I’m kidding, I swear. Parking is usually all the non-commuters think the commuters care about. I immediately got involved in the CSA when I arrived at UMW. At the time Meg Pultz had been the GA and I immediately bonded with her over our mutual married pre-service teacher life. She is such a sweet and welcoming person. She invited me into leadership and by my senior year, I would get to be VP under the new president, Laura Gilchrist, for one term, and the only officer in the second term. Our new GA, Jess, is equally as awesome and just as kind. GA Jess has had an amazing vision for the CSA since she took up the position and improved our experiences on campus immensely. I’m so thankful for getting to help that vision come to life and working with the 2017-2018 president to select the rest of the officers who are, undoubtedly, going to leave an amazing mark on campus. I look forward to poking in on the CSA events and keeping in touch with you, preferiblemente en español.

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